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* IMG 1998 grad
  javed88 - 04/20/20 09:24
  Hi everyone I am old grad 1998 IMG , working as Physician Assistant certified in ER in Delaware USA since 2012 . Passed all step 1.2 and CS with moderate score in 2007 . applied 2 twice interviewed 5-6 places but didn't match in 2008 and 2009 . I had also served in US Army reserve as Emergency care sergeant 2008-2014 . I am planing to apply for residency match for 2020-2021 . need advice and suggestion .  
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* Re:IMG 1998 grad
  javed88 - 04/20/20 10:56
  No advice or suggestion ?  
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* Re:IMG 1998 grad
  aalya - 04/20/20 12:05
  @Javed88,are you not happy as a physician assistant?I am not sure about chances but since you are active clinically, it will help you a lot.keep applying as it will not hurt you and predict your chances with response.  
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* Re:IMG 1998 grad
  javed88 - 04/20/20 13:02
  @aalya I am happy and very satisfied but I always believe in constant effort and progress .

thanks for encouragement .
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* Re:IMG 1998 grad
  braveheart_2020 - 04/21/20 12:18
  As a beginning do Step 3 and pass it from first attempt.
Your YOG and other USMLEs are all more than 10 years away. You need to show them that you are up to date in medicine.
Your clinical experience is great. I think you have good chance (only if you pass step 3).
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* Re:IMG 1998 grad
  sgoal - 04/22/20 22:45
  How do you become a PA? Did you just take the exam or full course? Step 3 will work a lot. Good luck.  
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* Re:IMG 1998 grad
  javed88 - 04/23/20 08:15
  @sgoal I went to PA school in US and take exam after getting master degree .  
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* Re:IMG 1998 grad
  07022049 - 04/28/20 11:50
i am also IMG grad of 1991, i am working at UK. Is it possible please to talk to you
Dr Dosani
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* Re:IMG 1998 grad
  persistentimg - 05/04/20 18:54
It seems like you have been working as a PA for quite a long time. Have you worked in any hospital that offers residency? I think you would have better chances to know people and apply for residency again. I actually start PA this year. My hope is to get clinical practice and connection to reapply for residency again after graduation. After seeing your question, I'm kind of losing hope in that. However, PA is the only way for me right now. It lights up the dark road that I was desperate for a long time.
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