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* Any point in continuing in my circumstances?
  uzairl - 05/11/20 21:22
  Hello, I hope you all are in good health. I am an IMG, graduated in 2016, completed internship here in 2017, and I haven't been in a training position since. I had my Step 1, CK and CS scheduled for March, June and July respectively, which all have been canceled.

Considering the probability of my participation in this match is 0, next match cycle, I'd be 5 or more years old graduate by various standards, the common cut off point. I wished to seek opinion of residents, or seniors on this forum, if it makes any sense for me to continue on with these exams, other than to just sit for the heck of it since they're already paid for. Practically speaking, I expect myself getting 240, 250 on a good day, or more if I got lucky. But, as I understand, regardless of how good scores I get, my application will not even be considered, either for being 5 or more years old, or the gaps in training.

I had a rotation in CCU in US, and I loved it, however, rationally speaking, is their any point to go through these exams for the purpose of residency anymore?

Because if not, I believe I'll be better served on getting a residency in my country, but it couldn't be IM because apparently, unlike the US, IM is most sought after here, and I'll have to go with some surgical specialty.
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