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* MY USMLE and Match Experience
  dreamz942 - 05/17/20 18:01
  I am an IMG  
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* Re:MY USMLE Journey future prospects at Matching
  dreamz942 - 05/17/20 18:14
  I am IMG 2009 Graduate with scores 206/226/CS 2 nd attempt/212- Step 3. I have 3 publications in USA and presented 3 abstracts in National Conferences. I have 3 month of Observership experience. I applied previously to many programs got 2 interviews ( one in the program I did observer ship) in 2017 but never matched. I worked as a volunteer research fellow for about 2 years 2012-2014 and have 3 research publications. I did GCP certification and now work as a project Manager in a Contract Research Organization managing a phase II Clinical trial in Children and being paid a decent salary. I am interested in Internal medicine or Pediatrics.

Please advise if I should apply for residency. I stopped applying for residency 2 years ago

1. I realized I miss being a physician. Does my current Job add value to my residency application?
2. Does LOR from a Medical Monitor (MD Physician ) hold value. It would describe my activities as a Project Manager. I am the primary contact for the clinical sites and manage it Hands on. I also conduct weekly meetings with the sponsor.
3. If there are no Match chances What are my career prospects for personal growth in Pharma Industry.

Any inputs would be deeply appreciated.
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