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* Residency interview preparation courses
  human_dna - 05/19/20 17:44
  HI, What are the courses available for U.S. Residency interview preparation? I mean website courses or in-person courses. is there any in person preparation courses. And which one is the best for the for preparation? thanks you for your response and guidance.  
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* Re:Residency interview preparation courses
  drk20 - 05/21/20 01:24
  I wouldn't recommend wasting your money on these. Are you a USIMG or FMG? If you are able to speak English fluently then something like a mock interview by going over mostly asked questions with your friend or family would suffice. The most important thing is to be yourself and don't sound like you are regurgitating the answers. I still practiced alone going over a few questions to make sure I know the points I need to mention if I was asked during the interview.

You can really stand out from others if you are able to talk freely. For most of my interviews, I ended up talking and asking more questions to the PD and faculty who were interviewing me. They have all your credentials in front of them, and we started talking about random things sports, movies, etc. So the key is to able to connect and carry on a conversation.

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* Re:Residency interview preparation courses
  human_dna - 05/26/20 20:49
  @ drk20 - 05/21/20 01:24

Thank you for your suggestions. Thank you very much indeed.
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* Re:Residency interview preparation courses
  ed4medus - 07/06/20 16:25
  Hi human_dna, I do online practice interviews - you can check out more about the process facebook page facebook dot com/ed4medus/ and my website www dot ed4medus dot com to sign up. Dr Ed.  
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