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* Free Observership
  allcare - 06/28/20 05:26
  we are an urgent care and primary care center at New York Queens, and offer free clinical observership and possible clinical job opportunity. We also support residency match
requirement: passed USMLE step1 and step2. Previous clinical working experience plus .
please contact
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* Re:Free Observership
  allcare - 06/29/20 02:12
  I have received more request about this position, I would like to explain here
1. all the applicants need to send CV and contact information
2. those are paid clinical positions, and work as clinical assistant/or medical scribe with attending. for those who
are not authorized working in US can do clinical observership and we provide partial accommodation
3 we support residency match with recommendation letter

thank you very much! if you have more questions, please email us
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* Re:Free Observership
  allcare - 07/01/20 07:22
  Our observership program three months. We support state license with best candidates after observership. Currently we are doing corona-virus testing. we provide completed PPE protection
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