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* I have a question regarding visa status(pendingGC)
  wjalrl123 - 07/03/20 04:04
  I am currently in the status of pending green card authorization which is now at the NVC phase and I was originally expected to have a visa interview in August-September this year.
However, due to the recent executive order released in June, there is no way I can get an interview this year.
If the executive order is not extended further, It's highly likely that my green card will be authorized before June,2021 although there is still a slight chance that it won't be.
My question is which statement should I choose in the work authorization section in the ERAS application form in the midst of uncertainty.
I am currently living outside the U.S , so I'm not eligible for the adjustment status applicant. If I choose no need for visa support and choose 'other' among the subcategories and then if I explain my situation later during the interview, Would it still be a violation of the regulations? I'm worried if my greencard is not authorized by any chance until the starting date of residency, this may be considered as such...

I've not taken step3 yet and I don't really want H1B becomes my only option left.
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