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* Changes happening in the 2021 Match Season?
  dariasmo - 07/06/20 22:50
  Hi everybody,

Covid times bring uncertainty in the ERAS application this season that we all should keep looking at:

1. Definitely the reduction of visa issuing by Trump will affect every program and particularly community hospitals. However these hospitals are dealing with their own financial crisis (due to the lack of outpatient procedures). Whether or not they close spots or the open more is hard to predict as consequence.

2. Program directors have been instructed to avoid in person interviews. Everything will be certainly virtual. My question about this situation, free of the complicated logistics of in-person ivs, is how this change the number of ivs available (they should be more) or the expectation to evaluate candidates during the virtual ivs

3. The fact that there will be ECFMG certified IMGs without CS may favor the evaluation of IMGs who completed everything including the step 3?

4. The fact that the step 1 will be eventually qualitative may be already changing the analysis of candidates on other elements, for example given more weight to the step 3 score and the CK already?

I wonder if someone out there might have also different insights. Hopefully, any of these hypothetical situations, running because of mandatory covid adjustments, are good news for IMGs and better for those ones with low scores, several test attempts, and green-card holders/citizens?

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* Re:Changes happening in the 2021 Match Season?
  braveheart_2020 - 07/07/20 06:36
  One thing I would like to add, the resident salary comes from the ACGME, not from the hospital itself.
The hospitals would pay for the non ACGME accredited training programs only.
So, the financial situation for any individual hospital has nothing to do with the ACGME accredited training.

Things may change include:
1- Lack of interest in applicants requiring visa sponsorship
2- Lack of interest in those that have not completed step 2 CS
3- Interviews will be virtual, so there is more flexibility, and unlikely to see cancellations if an applicant had an interview appointments conflicts.
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* Re:Changes happening in the 2021 Match Season?
  dariasmo - 07/07/20 07:13
  Braveheart: Excellent clarification and very interesting insights contribution!
I appreciate them!
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