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* Need Guidance on Anesthesia Residency -Anesth IMG
  priya04 - 07/08/20 20:03
  Requesting information from anyone who can guide me on how to pursue Anesthesia residency/fellowship
or any opportunities in this field in the U.S

I am currently practicing Anesthesiologist (AP) at a reputed hospital in India
I completed my PG training in 2008
Have been practicing anesthetist for 12 years and now in associate professor position full time.

My questions-
-What are my options to practice in the U.S ?
-Are there any pathways apart from USMLE and match for me to practice in U.S? any chances in critical care?
-If I am able to complete Steps, ecfmg certified - what are my chances for matching in Anesthesia programs in US?

Kindly provide me with guidance. Any information is appreciated. Thank you :)!
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* Re:Need Guidance on Anesthesia Residency -Anesth I
  uy - 07/09/20 12:50
  Yes- you can practice in USA.
First, you need to be ECFMG certified (complete usmle step 1 and step 2 (CS and CK). You are in very good position. There is lot of material and guidance available (lot of groups in Whatsapp and Telegram who practice questions). If you score really good in exam without any attempt, then you may not be facing issues.
ECFMG is a key to get license to practice.
In the meantime, look for a research program in anesthesia and find a mentor who:
a. is strong to help you out- Good faculty position in a well reputed program, is well funded (for research) and have strong say
b. is willing to help you out- seriously interested in your career goals
c. is willing to help you out with making your strong profile- in research
Second: your only option is research if you don't do USMLE- many programs have research in critical care- For you to practice you need to be ECFMG certified.
Third: If you become ECFMG certified, your chances of match are good. But plan and execute properly. First complete your USMLE step 1 and step 2 CK- (score well). Meantime, look for a research mentor in a well reputed IMG friendly program. If you get a mentor come to USA, work with mentor, publish, complete CS exam, shadow with mentor and apply. You still have bright chances of getting matched. But USMLE steps are key for you to secure your interview. If your scores are good without any attempt, no one can stop you to match. You have enough experience and program see the overall picture. You can benefit program from your skills as you are already trained. Good Luck!!
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* Re:Need Guidance on Anesthesia Residency -Anesth I
  priya04 - 07/09/20 18:54
  Thank you UY! So kind of you to write not just information but also a very inspiring reply to my queries.

Also- would you know how the "Alternate Entry path" program works?
Is there a program or board I can contact?

Once again, truly appreciate your response and time, thank you!
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* Re:Need Guidance on Anesthesia Residency -Anesth I
  priya04 - 07/09/20 18:57

This is link to Alternate Entry Path for anesthesia, I mentioned above.
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* Re:Need Guidance on Anesthesia Residency -Anesth I
  uy - 07/10/20 11:13
  Thanks for additional information.
This is policy manual from ABA (American Board of Anesthesiology)- Point 8.08 page 68. If you read it. To my understanding, they can waive off residency training for you but they can't waive off ECFMG certification. For you to be ECFMG certified you need to complete step 1 and step 2. Good part, this certification also verified your primary medical degree otherwise they will be asking some credentialing service to verify your degree course by course.
I know a person who completed residency training from home country, did only fellowship here in USA (although it is in nephrology). He got entry intro fellowship directly as he was ECFMG certified as well. He was lucky to get a job here as a consultant nephrologist.

Here is the contact information for ABA- You should write an email to them to ask step by step guidance:
ABA Office
4208 Six Forks Rd, Suite 1500 Raleigh, NC 27609-5765
Phone: (866) 999-7501
Fax: (866) 999-7503

My recommendations are as follows:
a. You have completed your training from back home. Now prepare USMLE Steps, complete it with good scores.
b. In the meantime, do some research work, publish paper,
c. Come to some international meeting for anesthesiology or US-based meeting after submission of your abstract and research work. If you got accepted to come and present in those meeting, it is an excellent portal for you to have networking and find out a good mentor here.
d. Characteristics of good mentor-mentee interaction: (A mentor: a. Senior faculty member in US based academic institution. b. have some funding and doing some active research in his field or area of interest. c. willing to mentor you and help you with your goals (both research and clinical) etc. Then you work with mentor to come here initially as a research fellow and later transition to academic anesthesiologist without doing your residency training again.

Best of luck for your struggles. Let me know if any question.
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