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* What Questions should we ask in the Interview?
  par469 - 09/08/20 19:05
  Hi Friends, I am an IMG, old grad (2000) but have Chaplaincy residency + MDiv + PhD (May 2021) degrees .
I am applying to research/scientist-educator track of residency programs.

I have an "informational" zoom meet today at 5.00 pm and few more in the coming weeks. I am preparing for it as if it is a REAL-Interview. Sharing my notes for your feedback.
1) What are some of your favorite things to do in this area on the weekend?
- This question can go both ways: Interviewer Interviewee
HINT: (a) They are trying to see/hear what kind of things will keep us interested in living in the same place, i.e. to continue with the residency and not quit it midway/transfer to other program or (b) How you will enjoy the things in that city and stay happily so that your happiness will be reflected in your work (c) any other reason?

2) Are there opportunities to do research? (Interviewee's question)
- HINT: We are hinting the interviewer about our scholarly/scientist tendencies (a) Good question for a good/academically oriented or University-based residency program. (b) May be a bad question for a community-based residency program.

3) Do residents have any protected research-time in the PGY1?
4) I am interested in .............. (eg. technology and education/clinical care).....research project. Do you have any faculty interested in this area in your program to mentor me?
5) Can I have a second mentor from ...... (another Univ.) program?

6) Can I apply to the regular-residency program when I apply to the Research/Scientist-Educator Track? in the same program?
7) How many Research/Scientist-Educator track positions do you have each year?
8) How many applicants apply to you program each year?
9) I have spent 10-years to go through my PhD education/training --> this makes me an old-grad. So despite my PhD will I be disadvantaged because of being an old-grad?
10) Will my PhD be considered a strength and will you overlook my graduation-year of 2000? If I aim for regular residency?

11) Are there opportunities to teach this has always been an interest of mine?
Good question, we are HINTING at a superior skill.
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