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* YOG cutoff
  worthtotry - 10/09/20 18:41
  How to find out if programs have yog cutoff? I know most of them are 3-5, I'm sure there are some that have more than that. I've checked most of programs that I'm applying to but no info re yog?  
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* Re:YOG cutoff
  braveheart_2020 - 10/10/20 05:40
  For every program, go to their website and check the applicant's criteria.
This would be written under "FAQ" "selection criteria" "how to apply" "for applicants"..etc. It varies from website to website.

In general if the program saying " Applicant MUST be graduated over the last 3 years, then don't apply.
If the program is saying " We PREFER applicants who graduated over the last 3 years, then you can apply.

If you have contact or know someone in the program, all those criteria becomes meaningless and your application can be considered for review.

If you have things in your applications that compensated for being an old graduate, then make sure to summarize it and email it to the PD of each program.

Every year it is getting tougher, however this year given that not many IMGs are eligible to apply due to the COVID restriction on USMLE CS there is higher chance for older IMGs to compete for seats with American graduates.

Good luck all
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* Re:YOG cutoff
  worthtotry - 10/17/20 20:41
  Thank you, now is it ok to email pd ?  
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