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* Prometric
  drmoon - 11/09/20 17:28
  Hi frnds
My step2ck exam was initially on last week , but I rescheduled my exam to November.
But when I checked my emails the exam didnít finally my exam shows me as a absentee
I called efcmg they told .. having a eligibility criteria for step2ck exam upto june2021, so need to take fresh application to schedule exam
2.I should call prometric and ask them to reschedule the exam (coz it not happening when i personally trying to reschedule exam via website)

I actually emailed prometric a week back, the automated msg mentioned that they will respond in 7-10days but I didnít get any

So my question is
1. What should I do now
2. I want to contact prometric....what is the phone no to contact prometric?
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* Re:Prometric
  sgoal - 11/09/20 21:40, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or by calling Prometric's Call Center at 1- 800-350-7076.  
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* Re:Prometric
  drmoon - 11/10/20 00:28
  Thank you 👍🏻
But can efcmg issue a new scheduling permit with same initial step2ck application??
Coz when asked efcmg they told no need of taking a fresh application for the step2ck exam bcoz the initial application is having eligibility criteria upto June 2021
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* Re:Prometric
  sgoal - 11/11/20 22:15
  You can request an extension in OASIS yourself.  
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