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* Interviews 2020-2021
  hopeless2919 - 11/10/20 13:06
  Anyone received any interviews in FM,IM,Peds or any other specialty? Wondering what's going on this cycle.  
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* Re:Interviews 2020-2021
  r0ja - 11/10/20 15:46
  1 in IM so far  
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* Re:Interviews 2020-2021
  99faith - 11/10/20 17:22
  just received an interview invitation. Please suggest what to say in reply to them.
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* Re:Interviews 2020-2021
  99faith - 11/10/20 17:22
  in Family medicine. Have applied to total of 10 programs.
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* Re:Interviews 2020-2021
  hopeless2919 - 11/12/20 12:50
  Its very quiet on my end. I didnt receive any,so far.  
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* Re:Interviews 2020-2021
  sgoal - 11/12/20 13:07
  Same here, no interview or rejection ....  
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* Re:Interviews 2020-2021
  tanya10 - 11/12/20 13:24
  I haven’t any either. Few rejections but no interviews.  
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* Re:Interviews 2020-2021
  99faith - 11/17/20 15:28
  I am trying to confirm my interview though email however, the program is not replying to me. I called them and recorded my message, but haven't heard back from them.
I received an interview through email from them.
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* Re:Interviews 2020-2021
  dariasmo - 11/18/20 09:09
  Hi 99faith!

It came to my attention your situation with your iv. They first reached out to you via email and not via ERAS, right? Have they finally answered you? How long it took for you to answer the email? More than 24hrs?

It seems that they are very serious when write " Please let us know as soon as possible – the dates fill up quickly".
because in one situation, they sent the email exactly at noon, I answered 1 hour and a half, and as soon as I did it I got a series of email right away with instructions and details of interviewers.

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* Re:Interviews 2020-2021
  99faith - 11/18/20 11:34
  If the program is not answering my call, does it mean the IV is fake/spam.
They sent me a confirmation of interview scheduled on November 24th with interviews starting at 11:30 AM. Further, it was stated, Ill get a schedule a day before my interview. I replied to them on the same day to confirm my IV.

I have been trying to contact the program by calling, the option to leave a voice mail is provided as usual. I left a message with my call back no but no response.
is it a spam or I still have a hope for that IV. Please reply
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* Re:Interviews 2020-2021
  99faith - 11/18/20 11:45
Oh I did not see your response before I submitted my message.
I replied to them on very same day in an hour after receiving to confirm my interview. The PC has mentioned in her email I'll get a schedule a day before my IV. There was no mention of such things like
" Please let us know as soon as possible – the dates fill up quickly".
In fact, I was scheduled already. All I had to do was to confirm it in an hour on the very same evening. It's mentioned at the bottom of their email to call me with the given below no if rescheduling is required. We will happily do it for you. Please download Microsoft Team as we will conduct interview through Microsoft Team.
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