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* Healthcare Assistant Position for IMGs
  3p4care - 01/16/20 00:10
  Teaching family practice in Avondale neighbourhood of Chicago seeks International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to work as healthcare assistants.

This community-based clinic is a teaching site for both US and international medical students. Plan is underway to turn it into a Family Medicine Practice (FMP) in the near future to support an ACGME-accreditated family medicine residency training programme in the near future.

Director of the practice, who had previously started a family medicine residency from scratch and directed it for more than 10 years maintaining full accreditation, now also conducts seminars on personal statement editing and residency interview preparation, one of the perks of this position.

Job descriptions include both clerical (from making appointments to data entry to billing) and clinical (from phlebotomy to bedside evaluation and management) duties. Ideal candidates should be international medical school graduates in the process of applying to residency programmes, preferably in family practice, including those waiting to clear USMLE steps. Bilingual skills a plus.

Contact via e-mail Wong.A@3P4.Care or mobile 773-822-6223.
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