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* Co-authors needed to write articles
  researchgroup - 01/20/20 19:23
  Hello Everyone,

I am currently publishing articles for residency resume development. As we all know, publishing articles has been a big part of our CV and selection into residency programs. I have published 5 so far with my team of coauthors. Recently, one of them had a baby.....and another one is coping with death in her here I am looking for coauthors to join my team, and also help us pay towards the journal expenses & editorial expenses. It is not free to publish in well-established journals. We coauthors each usually pay $150 -$200 individually towards the journal. Also, we split the writing responsibilities. Recently, we wrote 6 papers simultaneously within 4 months. As you can tell, we are all very dedicated and I am looking for new people who are also serious for their future. You can contact me if interested:

grab that md @ gmail. com

All articles are published in pubmed indexed journals. Looking forward to working with you!
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* Re:Co-authors needed to write articles
  greenaccent - 01/21/20 03:14
  check your email.  
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* Re:Co-authors needed to write articles
  edbass - 03/30/21 13:21
  In general, how difficult is it to write such articles? This is something new for me, suddenly I can try too.  
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* Re:Co-authors needed to write articles
  kleinarms - 03/30/21 13:31
  I don't write articles myself, but I read a lot every day. I am most interested in political articles and articles about nature and climate. Recently, I became interested in global warming and read a lot of material on this topic. I found a good resource where a lot of interesting thoughts on this topic. I realized that this is a significant problem for humanity, and it's getting bigger and bigger every year. If we do not solve it, then very soon we will meet irreversible changes. I recommend you all take a look at this resource, there is a lot of valuable and exciting content.  
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* Re:Co-authors needed to write articles
  janejlocane - 03/31/21 05:41
  Thanks for the info! I had serious problems writing my dissertation. For a month I could not finish one of the sections. Friends recommended the site to me and I decided to order my work there. I am glad that I did not have to blush in front of the teacher and the work was completed on time.  
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* Re:Co-authors needed to write articles
  brnorton007 - 03/31/21 05:42
  Thanks for useful information!  
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* Re:Co-authors needed to write articles
  svsagar102 - 03/31/21 17:43  
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