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* TheUSMLEMind Tutor: Step 1 258; Step 2 CK 252
  theusmlemind - 01/31/20 03:53
  Hi Doctors! Iím an ECFMG certified USMLE Tutor. My credentials are: - USMLE Step 1 258 USMLE Step 2 CK 252 USMLE Step 2 CS Pass first attempt Thus far, I have been able to successfully mentor, guide and tutor numerous students with significant success. All my students have passed with decent scores in first attempt. Presently, my focus is on tutoring and mentoring for Step 2 CS as I believe there arenít many great resources available at affordable prices; those that are available are priced exorbitantly high. My teaching approach is simple, and exam focused; exclude unnecessary content and focus on super high yield, practice focused approach to be able to take the exam in a matter of a few days to weeks. Specifically, for CS, the exam is more about time management and presence of mind than anything else. My approach with my students involves going through first aid cases one by one, streamlining the process as we go along till a satisfactory level of prowess is achieved. Then we move onto note writing with great emphasis on clear well written notes within the allotted time. I check every note and provide valuable insights and feedback on how to make it better. Most students find closure and Ďchallenging questionsí tough, so special time and importance is given to those as well. The pricing is a reasonable 20$ USD per hour, payable through PayPal only. I take payment only after the class, and if at any point you feel your class wasnít helpful, no fees will be charged, and you can discontinue services hassle free. I give a free trial class that can help you decide if you like my approach and let me decide if you need my help or not. Good luck to you in all your endeavors. My motto is my studentsí success!
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