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* Tutor for Step 1,2 and Residency!
  nymedtutor - 03/12/20 15:25
  We are a group of successful medical students who have experienced the rigorous process of medical school and would like to help other prospective and current medical students by providing guidance and sharing all that we have learned. We understand the ins and outs of what it takes to be a successful medical student and future physician, and thus would like to extend our help. This is why we have assembled a team of MD and DO students who have extensive experience in tutoring and have been granted 50+ interviews collectively this residency cycle in Emergency Medicine, Interventional and Diagnostic Radiology, and Internal Medicine at prestigious programs across the country. These places include The University of Pennsylvania, LIJ Northwell, NY- Presbyterian, Brown University, Georgetown, Dartmouth, Mount Sinai, Kaiser, and many more.

Why Us
As a small team just starting out, we truly care about the success of each and every student. We want to thrive and set ourselves apart from others on not only affordable prices but going above and beyond for each and every student we work with.

Services and Pricing

MCAT tutoring
COMLEX Level 1/ USMLE Step 1
Residency Interview Prep
Resume Review
ERAS Application Review
Personal Statement Review
Specialty Specific Consulting

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* Re:Tutor for Step 1,2 and Residency!
  allaboutrezsuccess - 10/06/20 15:28
  supersimplified success academy [ email super-simplified at gmx dot com ] 1. USMLE program 2. Materials 3. Personalized instructor 4.Personalized operational schedule 5. Application 6. Study schedule 7. Interactional schedule 8.Supporting contractual documents 10. YOURFIRSTNAMELASTNAME at gmx dotcom login 11. PASSSWORD 12. Upload scans 13. Initial review by us 14. Upload scans [remedial] 15. Await our escrow account creation and course commencement process  
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