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* 'Alternate career options for physicians in US
  iqureclinical - 04/26/20 15:04
  Are you an ECFMG certified physician who got unlucky during match?
Or are you a board-certified physician who is looking for a career change?
Or are you a physician Mom who would like to work from the comfort of your home?
Or are you an IMG who is finding it difficult to pass the USMLE exams?
Or are you a physician who is tired of the whole residency/match process in the US?
Or are you an intern/resident who cannot cope up with the stress during your residency?
Or are you simply eager to start a pharmaceutical career and want to make a difference for patients on a larger scale?

If your answer to any of the above is “Yes!”, let us introduce you to our Post Graduate Certificate Program in Drug Safety & Medical Review for Physicians with hands on training.

United States, Europe and several other countries, are in the process of implementing stringent regulations for adoption of pharmacovigilance. This is creating thousands of high-quality jobs for physicians, with excellent growth opportunities, attractive salaries, and several other corporate benefits.
As a medical professional there are considerable issues which need to be addressed to ensure the safety of medicines and medical devices. Medical professionals require substantial understanding and expertise in the field of drug and device safety which will successfully contribute to this through early recognition, management and reporting of the drugs and device safety issues. In a Pharmacovigilance department or specialized Pharmacovigilance company, there are several entry level positions for medical doctors. Viz. Drug Safety Physician, Medical Reviewer and Safety Specialist / Scientist and this leads to higher positions over the years at a fast pace.

The iQure – Cliniminds certification program is designed for physicians aspiring to make a career in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Some of the features include:
- Accredited by ACCRE (Accreditation Council for Clinical Research & Education), USA
- 16 weeks duration
- Weekend/weekday online/live classes from the comfort of your home
- Hands-on knowledge and training of global pharmacovigilance activities across all stages of drug development
- Training provided by US residency trained pharmacovigilance experts
- Job oriented training
- Job guidance support provided at the end of the program that includes interview coaching, resume building sessions, mock interviews, and job readiness training.
What does the course cover?
1. Introduction to Pharmacovigilance
2. Global Pharmacovigilance Regulations
3. Reportability Criteria & Case reports
4. Safety Reporting and Processing ICSRs & Oracle Argus Safety
5. Medical Evaluation of ICSR
6. Aggregate Report Writing
7. Signal Detection & Risk Management
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