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  txstep1tutor - 06/23/20 12:10
  Hey friends!

I took Step 1 in May and scored a 260. I was obviously thrilled and I would love to help some of my fellow colleagues achieve their dream scores. Whether it is going over tricky concepts, preparation strategies, teasing apart questions, or how to shape your dedicated period, I am happy to use my free time currently to do some tutoring for anyone interested. I have been preparing for this exam for over a year and a half now, and I think that I have amassed some strategies that will be helpful for all.

I was going to apply to some of the websites who offer tutoring, but I was really shocked and disgusted with how much they are charging students. Many places charge over $200 an hour. I have no interest in gouging my colleagues, so I would like to do this independently and CHEAPLY.

A little about me:
- US MD student
- Interested in Neurosurgery
- Teaching experience: undergrad biology TA (voted "best TA" of the year for whatever that's worth)

I realize I am lacking in the teaching/tutoring experience department compared to others, so for the first three sessions I book I will only charge $40 an hour to see how things go and get feedback. Assuming things go well, which I will make every effort to ensure, I will raise the price to $70 an hour. If you are interested, let's make an effort to do some sessions before I start rotations in mid-July!

Shoot me an email at and I will get back to you ASAP!
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