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* Americlerkship cash credits transfer to someone !
  gardener8 - 07/17/20 17:24
  My name is Wayne. Due to personal reasons I could not use these credits. Please contact me for credits transfer. Current value is almost $1000/week for 16 weeks (4 blocks of clinical rotations). These clinical rotations can brush up and improve your matching opportunities. In this pandemic, they also offer online experiences. The credits could be transferred to multiple medical graduates, international or American, including residency re-entry. Please contact me at and I will give you good deal(s).

Thank you. ;)
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* Re:Americlerkship cash credits transfer to someone
  gardener8 - 08/11/20 20:41
  There are very good credits! Please contact me, they can send you to many spots for hands on experiences and web experiences. Contact me for more infos!  
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* Re:Americlerkship cash credits transfer to someone
  clinimindsindia - 08/15/20 04:55
  Drug Safety Physician & Medical Reviewer is an excellent career of choice for physicians with long term career in US

United States, Europe and several other countries, including India are in the process of implementing stringent regulations for adoption of pharmacovigilance. This is creating thousands of high quality jobs for medical doctors, with excellent growth opportunities, attractive salaries, and several other corporate benefits.

As a medical professional there are considerable issues which need to address to ensure the safety of medicines and medical devices. Medical professionals require substantial understanding and expertise in the field of drug and device safety which will successfully contribute to this are through early recognition, management and reporting of the drugs and device safety issues. In a Pharmacovigilance department or specialized Pharmacovigilance company, there are several entry level positions for medical doctors. Viz. Drug Safety Physician, Medical Reviewer and Safety Scientist and this leads to higher positions over the years at a fast pace.

Post Graduate Certificate Program in Drug Safety & Medical Review for Physicians


What do we cover?

1. Introduction to Pharmacovigilance
2. Global Pharmacovigilance Regulations
3. Reportability Criteria & Case reports
4. Safety Reporting and Processing ICSRs & Oracle Argus Safety
5. Medical Evaluation of ICSR
6. Aggregate Report Writing
7. Signal Detection & Risk Management

We provide special sessions on interview preparation and guidance for employment in this sector.

Eligibility: MBBS, MD, MS, DNB

For more information please Call / Whatsapp @ +919810068241 , ,
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