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* Advice on prep for USMLE Step 1 as IMG
  dapriso21 - 01/05/21 05:02
  Hello everyone , i graduated as a doctor(M.D) in Cameroon in 2018. I started prep for USMLE Step 1 on Jan. 5, 2021. I have gathered all the resources as described in many youtube videos i.e First Aid 2020, Boards and Beyond videos, Kaplan notes and videos, Pathoma notes and videos. My problem is : HOW SHOULD I GO ABOUT USING THEM? I was thinking of : Choosing a topic say; Biochemistry.... I watch video on a chapter in Boards and Beyond, i read equivalent chapter in Kaplan notes , then i read First Aid. PLEASE I SERIOUSLY NEED ADVICE ESPECIALLY FROM IMG(DOCTORS) . The world thing is so overwhelming and depressing!!!! I'm planning on a 9 month prep period  
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* Re:Advice on prep for USMLE Step 1 as IMG
  alisson - 01/05/21 19:22
  Hiii I'm an IMG who took the step 1 couple of months ago.
So u have to divided in prededicated period and dedicated.
Predidcated: You watch all boards and beyonds video, while watching you underlying in first aid. Cause the guy explains everything that is in first aid and say what is high yield. After each video u do this questions, dont get overwhelmed if u dont got it right is just for u to get a general idea of what is hapeening. After that u move to pathoma. With pathoma book. U are gonna be taking lil notes in the books during this time.

Dedicated period: Uworld and first aid again. Now in this phase i recommend look for a sp. Going throught the questions the first round is hard. While u are doing uworld u realized the anwer is in first aid so u check the book and memorized it (this is more for wrong answers)

I think u have to decided or doing bnb or kaplan. If not I will recomend just kaplan for psy and micro.

And prededicated period not try no memorize just get a general idea of everything and try to make connections of the topics.

Best of luck!

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* Re:Advice on prep for USMLE Step 1 as IMG
  dapriso21 - 01/06/21 02:20
  Thank you very much, Dr Alisson. Your advice is already very helpful. Please what is a sp.(Now in this phase i recommend look for a sp.)
My plan is : 6months = undedicated period ( skim through all the material)
3 months = dedicated period (Uworld + First Aid) as you said


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* Re:Advice on prep for USMLE Step 1 as IMG
  alisson - 01/06/21 10:47
  If ur goal is to taking in 9 months u should try to go to the all resources in less amount of time (mabye 4-5 months) but keep in mind IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO HAVE GOOD FOUNDATION of knowlegde. The most important think is doing questions why? cause u realized more of the topics are connected between them, u need to know who to manage time and anwers qx right and fast.

Sp is a study partner. Sometimes u know something they dont or viceverse so is easier to go through the questions together. and also someone to push u in the hard days of study.

This is my skype: alisson.daniela.miau
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* Re:Advice on prep for USMLE Step 1 as IMG
  dapriso21 - 01/07/21 06:06
  Thanks DR. Alisson. I will download skype and call you.  
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