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* Old graduate -Retaking step1 ECFMG
  medcal - 02/17/21 20:13
  I am applying to retake step 1 which I have already passed in 2005. It has been a big gap since and I want to retake step 1 to get a better score. The medical licensing board has allowed the retake since I am already ECFMG certified and hasn't completed the residency yet. I have been unsuccessful in matching to a residency program since so many years that I had almost given up.

Does getting a better score with a retake improve my chances of getting into residency?
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* Re:Old graduate -Retaking step1 ECFMG
  archana214 - 02/18/21 06:10

I am an old IMG too, will be retaking step 1 next year as itís going to be pass/ fail, if you want to take it to improve your score for better chances for match then take it this year
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* Re:Old graduate -Retaking step1 ECFMG
  petro - 02/25/21 11:00
  Hi @archana214,

The pass/fail may not augur well for IMG. I believe that the competition with American graduates and younger graduates would get stiffer. The way it is at present if you score high or very high it sets you apart and the stain of YOG decreases. but with pass/fail YOG would scream out
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