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* Step 1 Preparation in 8 weeks
  lariat2021 - 02/18/21 09:11
  Hello Doc,

It is important to understand that to excel flawlessly on the new format for Step 1, in 2021 and beyond, you must ensure that your General Principles topics are in good shape. These components garner the majority of the foundation for any systemic cases on the board exam.

General Principles entails the following: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Human Genetics, Microbiology, General Pathology (and NOT SYSTEMIC Pathology), Pharmacodynamics & Pharmacokinetics (and NOT entire PHARMACOLOGY), qualitative methods, and lastly, disease treatment and prevention of multisystem processes.

If you feel that you have been spending months diving into first aid, uworld and other resources to master this general principles and want to be sure you are ready for SYSTEMIC PATHOLOGY (Hematology, Neuro, Skin, Musculoskeletal, Resp, CVS, GI, Renal, Reprod, Endo, and Immunology) on the board exam, Lariat Tutors are willing to help you tie things together for you, over the next 8 weeks and get you ready and good to go, sit for your exams.

Finally, if you have yet to properly wrap up overview of your general principles, we can also help you build a solid US-mindset foundation, to make it seamless in placing systemic building blocks on top.

We are offering free 2 hours sessions. Schedule your session and see how we can best boost your readiness. Again, it is a FREE session. All time zones are considered.
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* Re:Step 1 Preparation in 8 weeks
  docbezos - 02/22/21 06:56
  Simply wanted to say you guys ROCK!

Having be reading for my USMLE for almost 8 months, without any end goal, I am glad I stumbled into your tutoring services.

Within a 3 weeks, I had a focus, I had test-strategies under my belt, first aid was no longer a memorizing bonanza. It actually started making sense as I was finally able to connect stuff which used to be mumbo jumbo when i used to use Goljan books and audios alone. My UWORLD performance slowly crept up and my phobia drastically declined. It wasn't easy at first as I felt I needed to challenge every suggestions but I soon quickly come to one reality: if my method was effective, I would have taken my exams many months back. 10 weeks later I sat for my step 1, and the funniest thing from you was that I should commence review for my step 2 CK. I honestly felt you were crazy and bat-shit mad for suggesting such. Then you purchased me a free nbme step 2ck as a baseline to do. I scored 4 points above Ck passing score.. I was truly shocked. You pushed me further for another 6 weeks, with uworld qbank and two other resources. But mostly, your amazing algorithms. Oh boy, did they save my behind plenty a many times. They were awesome! Just 3 days ago, I got my Step 2 CK and found out that I had passed.

Still crying, elated, and all beyond speechless for what you helped me accomplish in just under 4.5 months. And there I was working on a ONE year plan to sit just one of them.

Thank u. Thank u. Thank u.

I know I had expressed my gratitude personally, I simply wanted others to know what you did for me, and maybe they would be smarter than I was, in seeking your assistance sooner.


Hello y'all, this tutoring service is awesome for all the boards. As soon as i am ECFMG certified in a few weeks, i am jumping ahead for step 3 prep as well.
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