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* Volunteering / Recommendation at Mount Sinai
  kseniia - 03/16/21 17:48
  The Mount Sinai Bone Program is offering a volunteering position.

The individual will learn and perform in vitro and in vivo techniques, including cell culture, Western blotting, DNA/RNA isolation, ELISA, qPCR, genotyping, and will work with genetically modified mouse models.

The Mount Sinai Bone program will provide strong Letters of Recommendation for the Residency.

Ability to work independently, structured, organized, and goal oriented.

COVID-19 precautions
Interview will be conducted remotely

For all inquiries, please contact Kseniia Ievleva
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* Re:Volunteering / Recommendation at Mount Sinai
  christian.s - 03/29/21 07:27
  It's cool when students have the opportunity to gain experience. I myself have participated in Community Service Projects several times and I am completely satisfied with them. I gained new experience, cool acquaintances and an opportunity to prove myself. I recommend reading to those who have not tried themselves as a volunteer, because they have not heard about it or have any doubts. This article will help you understand the issue and finally decide if you are interested!
I recommend you read!
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