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* 7 years requirments
  samka - 01/12/21 13:24
  Hi all,

I have a question regarding the 7 years limits from passing Step1 to Step 2

Has anyone got an exception to this rule?

I passed Step 1 in 2013 and CS in 2014

I just finished residency in Canada and planning to take the CK and apply for fellowship in USA but I was shocked that I have already gone beyond the 7 years time limit.

Please let me know what do you think

thank you

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* Re:7 years requirments
  braveheart_2020 - 01/16/21 08:29
  The 7 years requirement for majority of states is to pass all USMLE step components including step 3. "not step 1 and 2 only as you referred in your post".
You would need to apply for step 2, and then do step 3 ASAP .

Regarding the 7 years requirement, it is for the unrestricted medical license "not for the educational limited license that you would need to have as a resident physician". Many accredited fellowship programs expect you to have unrestricted medical license, and expect you to have step 3 completed. But they may accept to have you on limited educational license too.

The waiver for this 7 years required is done by submitting a letter to the board of the state where you are applying, explaining your situation and why you could not complete the steps in 7 years.
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* Re:7 years requirments
  2020match - 01/21/21 11:48
  I am in a similar situation. I tool the CK in 2013, step 1 in 2020, scheduled the CS for July 2020, and got canceled. My 7-year period expired 4 months ago. I contacted the ECFMG and was told about writing a letter explaining my situation, BUT ONLY after I pass the CS exam.  
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* Re:7 years requirments
  path2b - 01/28/21 05:11
  hey same here
i took step 1 in 2013
now willing to take step 2
contacted ecfmg .. they are not agreeing to extend .. what can i do .. pls tell me ... any suggestions ?
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* Re:7 years requirments
  jogins - 02/17/21 11:10
  I have a question regarding the new requirements for ECFMG certification. I currently do not have a active medical license in any country and year of grad is 15 years ago. I passed Step 2 CS in 2011 which is currently expired (more than 7 years). I recently gave step 1 and scored well and planning to take step 2 Ck soon.
As I do not qualify for any pathways could I request an exception to pathways as I already passed CS in the past? I guess other option is traveling to Canada and UK to give their equivalent OCSE to be eligible for pathway 2.

I would appreciate any information you guys may provide!
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