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* Please give suggestions
  mle2022 - 01/27/21 04:44
  Step 1- 220
Step 2 ck- 213
Yog -2017
Is is doable, im actually aiming for 2022 , is itís ok to proceed with this.
Waiting for valuables tips
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* Re:Please give suggestions
  futuremd313 - 02/01/21 22:43
  Hi there,
What specialties are you considering going into?
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* Re:Please give suggestions
  mle2022 - 02/03/21 00:14
Thanks for the reply, Actually I want Family medicine or internal medicine
Is it doable , m really confused,
I donít have USCE or publications till now
How can I increase the chance
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* Re:Please give suggestions
  victory2020 - 02/03/21 12:05
  Everything is possible , it is your determination to achieve your goal.

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* Re:Please give suggestions
  futuremd313 - 02/05/21 15:38
  Family medicine is a commitment to specialty but usually has lower step score averages. On the other hand, Internal Medicine does typically favor higher average step scores but some less emphasis on commitment to specialty. I would advise that you choose one specialty and stick to it rather than divide your efforts on both. USCE is going to be important in both these specialties, whereas publications are not as important. I would advise looking for residency programs that are IMG friendly. Luckily FM and IM are typically more IMG friendly than some other specialties.While your scores aren't amazing, they're good and within reach for either specialty, although previously stated that IM is more focused on step scores. I would definitely advise getting some meaningful USCE in before to help strengthen your application.
Stay positive and hope that this advice was helpful.
Good Luck!
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