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* poster presentation??
  fsh - 09/25/09 18:00

I joined in research recently ,so Please can anyone tell me in detail how is poster presentation done?Do we have to actually speak out in the seminar?or Does the primary author does it?I was asked to do the poster presentation but i dont know what to do in that..i am not the frist or second author,but i was given this chance..plz someone explain.thank u.and does it look good on cv for the residency applications?

thank u in advance once again.
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* Re:poster presentation??
  pubhealth - 09/25/09 18:09
It is a good thing. It is something which you can write in your CV. about the Poster. Poster is like a presentation of your work but not the actual presentation. They provide you boards on which you can hang your posters and the attendees at the conference will go through it and ask you questions if they have any. Generally poster presentations are scheduled during lunch hours or reception. It is a very informal setting. Hope I answered your questions.
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* Re:poster presentation??
  fsh - 09/25/09 18:13
  thank u pubhealth.that was a quick reply and i really appreciate your help.Well i dont know anything about the poster presentation at all,so waht ever u told me is good enough i guess..but how long does it takes place?  
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* Re:poster presentation??
  billycunningham - 03/26/21 09:06
  Thanks for the links, this is exactly what you need. I've been straight for several days in search of something useful. Creating a presentation or poster is a tough task as it turns out.  
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