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* case presentation at residency inter
  taral - 10/12/10 21:33
  hello.can anyone please help me how to prepare interesting case presentation at residency interview,any tips,site for it?please help
thank you
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* Re:case presentation at residency inter
  pahology11 - 10/12/10 22:23
  I was told that it should be just like the ones you do in the morning reports..:

65 year old caucasian female with a past medical Hx of DI, HTN, CRF comes to ER with the C/O right sided chest pain that started 2 hrs ago, sssocaited with sweats, chills...she is onx, y z meds..

her EKG shows St segment depression on leads x, and y...lags are xyz...her cardiac enzymes were normal.. Give reason why they may be normal nort raised...

she is started on xyz meds in the ER which resulted in com,plete relief of her pain...she was transferred to ICU...and angio is scheduled...which resulted on 95% of blockeage on the LAD proximal, etc...

her diagnosis was acute MI...patient was D/C home 5 days later in good condition..advised to come back for follow up...

something like that...and you need to tell and be ready to discuss why you did the certain tests and what you should expect and is that? amny other inputs?
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* Re:case presentation at residency inter
  hanna123 - 10/12/10 22:27
  You dont actually have to have numbers memorized, right? I have a really informal way of doing things and presenting formally is just going to kill me!  
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* Re:case presentation at residency inter
  lubdubgone - 10/12/10 23:39
  The PD goes through numerous case presentations daily - so make sure you do it well.. Just practise at home with partner. Select a good case. Correct - it should be like you do in morning reports.  
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* Re:case presentation at residency inter
  ross317 - 10/12/10 23:47
  did your invite state that you needed to do a case presentation? or you're just prepping one just in case? i never knew we had to do anything like that. i figured we'd just get the "whats one of the most interesting cases you've come across" question. i didn't know we may have to present an case in detail.  
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* Re:case presentation at residency inter
  pahology11 - 10/12/10 23:49
  well, thats what i thought interesting case..but i have been made aware recently that it has to be interesting and scientifically, methodologically introduced..

as you can see in my case: she has right sided chest pain in acute MI :)))))
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* Re:case presentation at residency inter
  billycunningham - 03/30/21 10:26
  Yes, it should definitely be methodological. We've been through this before, take my word for it. Since the presentation should be your face as a specialist.  
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