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* Nursing Programs
  nike80 - 03/23/11 21:55
  Hello Everyone,

I am an FMG.I have been trying for Match for past 3 years I was unsucessful.Right now I am considering Nursing Program.Please if any one can highlight on this ie do we have to look for bachlor degree or associate degree or diploma.I am sorry my questions might be silly,but I need to know before I start searching for this.I am on H4 and I need F1 visa.I am in california,so does anybody know any low cost programs for nursing where I can get F1.I know lot of people know more info about nursing,I dont.Want to understand how it works here in US.

Thank You once again.
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* Re:Nursing Programs
  nike80 - 03/23/11 22:14
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* Re:Nursing Programs
  sadhubaba - 03/24/11 08:08
  Better go for PA. Its only 2 yr course and. They make good money.  
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* Re:Nursing Programs
  nike80 - 03/24/11 14:04
  But for PA,we need to do the prerequisites and its going to be 4 years by the time we finish .and slo we are not guarenteed a seat into PA school after we finish prerequisites.I contacted a school and they asked me to fisnish prerequistes nad then contact them.Thasts the reason want to opt for nursing.

Anyone plz info on nursing
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* Re:Nursing Programs
  drcv - 03/24/11 17:09
  I've been working as a nurse here in US for 4 years. Last year I left my job to pursue an observership bec my dream to become a MD still calls. Unfortunately did not get matched with only 1 intv. Possible reasons: old grad, low creds, attempts but with tons of USCE ( both nursing, observesps), strong lor's. no visa problem.

Since did not get matched, I need to do nursing jobs here in CA again, unfortunately because of bad economy having hard time getting a job( nursing jobs are not as hot before). Unless you are willing to work in nursing home, which is starting to become competitive as well. And most of the hospitals nowadays hire nurses that are bachelors (4 years) not associate degree( they are now becoming choosy). Also visa is an issue, they prefer to hire gc or citzn, unlike 4 years ago, automatic they sponsor you and INS will give you working permit within months. NOw you have to wait years before INS will issue you immigrant visa.

THough you can try your luck on far flung or underserved area or state to work as an RN. Probably they will take your associate degree. Or if you can find a school that will credit your MD degree and take some nursing units to have a nursing bachelor.

The reason I'm telling you this is for you to know your options. THough nowadays, it's always better to have something as a fall back like nursing, PA , masters etc. rather than all relying to this very frustrating, dragging, like roller coaster and demoralizing matching. At least you have something cooking in between.

I had my nursing at my home country. There is a long list of people who wants to get into nursing program thru sclorship here in CA, because of lack of clinical instructor to teach. I heard some peoplr going to state like MIchigan, Arkansas-- where there is not much of waiting.

If you still want to pursue your nursing. BAsed on what I know, you can try:
1.) KAplan college ( though I think they are expensive, NO waiting because you have to pay for it, they might help you with your visa.
2.) Community colleges in your area-- they are less expensive but waiting list, dont know with visa.
3.) Excelsior-- it's online, but there is like clinical---- I heard its 2 months ---but you have to go to a state that recognized excelsior for your clinicals. NOT ALL STATES recognize excelsior, CA is one those states that don't recognized it. So may want to inquire about this. Few years ago CA recognized excelsior but nowadays, and some other states are starting not to recognized it. So you may want to start doing now and get licensed.

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* Re:Nursing Programs
  nike80 - 03/24/11 23:31
  Hello drcv,

Thank you for your response.So how long did it take you to finish Associate program?Did you had to do any prerequisites?what was the cost for overall course?Can I have your email id ,just wanted some advice.Mine is

Thank You so much.
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* Re:Nursing Programs
  nike80 - 03/26/11 15:04
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* Re:Nursing Programs
  hotmail79 - 03/27/11 00:38
  Im sorry to hear your dilemma. However is living is the US so important that one will choose to let go of their MD and stoop to becoming a nurse. Nursing is a respectable profession and they are the back bone of a medical institution. My post is not to degrade nurses. It rather intended to say that earning an MD is one life's desire. Its earned with years of sleepless nights; years of turmoil and tribulation. How can one put themselves through such hardship and in the end just settle? I cannot begin to understand the anguish one is going through after not matching. However is it better to just settle in America what ever the cost it might be or should you reconsider returning to your homeland where your MD degree is regarded with the respect and value it deserves?
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* Re:Nursing Programs
  drdhakna - 03/27/11 00:43
  Go to New Zealand and peruse a physician career.  
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* Re:Nursing Programs
  rkn - 03/27/11 14:18
  I think PA is a better option. The work that PAs do is similar to doctors. There are about 6-8 PA programs in CA. You can get 2yrs waived off by showing your medical degree and the courses you have taken in that.
But it might be difficult for you to get admission rightaway. You have to apply and they conduct interviews during the latter part of the year.You can join the course most likely by next year. Also, the fee may be b/w 35000-40000 for the 2yrs. It will be tough to get assistantships and scholarships.
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* Re:Nursing Programs
  antonella - 03/27/11 18:52
You can go excersieou college in NY -exam by knowledge and they will accept you ,but you hav eto do WES .org so they can verify your MD degree,so for about $5000 you can finish the nurisng bc they will accept most of your courses..This is the chepest and the fastest....
google it..
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