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* doctors who stutter.......
  hope490 - 04/11/11 07:13
  is there any chance for a doctor who stutters to get a residency ???i am a mild to moderate stutterer..preparing for step1.apart from tensions of exam,i have an added anxiety of whether i may get a job despite a stutter or m just wasting my time.....please give serious answers...thnx  
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* Re:doctors who stutter.......
  asifali - 04/11/11 07:31 shhh..shouldn't be a ppp.problem.! luck!! He,he,he,he!

(Sorry for my cruel humour! Didn't mean to be rude! I had the same problem in my childhood!! That means that you are as intelligent as Asif Ali! He,he,he,he! I conquered it by using my mind and autosuggestion in my childhood! I didn't know at that time that it was called 'autosuggestion'!! )
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* Re:doctors who stutter.......
  asifali - 04/11/11 07:49
  Try meditation and breath control. It works wonders everytime for everything! Believe me!! Whatever religion you may or may not follow, give it a try! I don't give a s*it about any fukking religion, but I do believe in power of meditation. My meditations are always without a God and without a religion. It is like exercising your mind to achieve a more powerful mind just like exercising your muscles! Give it a try!! You will be surprised with the results!! Trust me.  
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* Re:doctors who stutter.......
  hope490 - 04/11/11 11:47 dear asif ali...i m not as bad stutterer as u guess thnx GOD.i was just asking whether i will get negative marks on CS and during interview????because in every hospital website,they say they dont discriminate any applicant on the basis of race,disability etc etc..............  
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* Re:doctors who stutter.......
  radioshack - 04/11/11 13:27
u will be fine.when u r planning to write ur step1?
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* Re:doctors who stutter.......
  hope490 - 04/11/11 14:38
  thanx radishock for encouraging reply...but my question is still the way i am going to ppear in step 1 in august...what about u??  
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* Re:doctors who stutter.......
  radioshack - 04/11/11 15:15
  before august:)hope dats nt another "un-answered question";)  
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* Re:doctors who stutter.......
  step3finalfrontier - 04/18/11 17:34
  I too have a mild-mod stutter. was also worried like you..but I did match in IM in a very good program. dont worry about it. Do breathing exercises, be confident and you will be fine. Key is to be confident..ACT LIKE THEY OWE YOU THE JOB! trust me-it works.

good luck
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* Re:doctors who stutter.......
  hope490 - 04/19/11 12:38
  thnx step3finalfrontier for a positive reply.......i wanna ask whether i should tell SPs myself that i stutter??i know they will find by themselves.but its also a possibility that they may think my stutter as my nervousness of exam........hope for ur best answer  
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* Re:doctors who stutter.......
  uamsguy - 04/19/11 13:02
  Watch the King's speech.

If a king can be a stammer a doctor can be one too.
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* Re:doctors who stutter.......
  antonella - 04/19/11 17:18
  This is U.S. who dosen't make "fun" of people who either stutter or have a disability..AS you know ,your own country make fund of ya...So you are in the rigth place in U.S.,but I am not sure if it is the rigth time...
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