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* Fellow ship without residency
  match20 - 02/28/20 14:45
  Does anyone know about Fellowship wihtout residency? Where should apply? Is it difficult to find? Is it useful?
Any input appriciated. TIA
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  kavya@4a1 - 03/03/20 13:35
  You need to complete residency in order to apply for fellowship programs, you cannot apply for fellowship programs directly. Or if you have completed residency in home country then you can apply for fellowship programs.  
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  smartpc - 03/04/20 10:33
  From a PC - there are Unaccredited Fellowships out there, however, they will not count toward training in the U.S.  
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  raiimposs - 03/04/20 12:26

Please could you let us know where we can find such fellowships?
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  oldgrad2020 - 03/04/20 13:44
  Don't believe everything you read on the forum. Do your own research. Contact the fellowship coordinators. Some one might respond to you!  
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  shamstabrez - 03/15/20 18:06
My advice to you is, instead of finding an unaccredited fellowship, if possible get into MS /or with PhD (Master of Science) in subjects related to the field of Medicine.
e.g MS in Hematology, MS Immunology, MS Microbiology, MS Pathology, MS Anatomy, MS in Cancer Biology etc. You can go through any of the Universities at your state or Province and find these out.
By obtaining any of these MS/or PhD degrees, now you have become a fresh Post Graduate Medical Student, which will help you in the following ways:
1- Now you are fresh Medical Graduate.
2- Better Degree than just and MD/MBBS
3- You may develop relationships with Residency Programs, if your MS/PhD University has it, and you may be presenting in their conferences as Post=Graduate Student.
4- You will also have the current LOR from your Supervisor/Dean at the Master/PhD Program.

I hope this helps you.
I wish you all the very best.
Dr. Shams Tabrez
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  braveheart_2020 - 03/17/20 07:26
  Yes it is possible, even without residency back home as long as you have relevant experience.
For example, doing EEG courses in Cleveland Clinic or University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, would count towards relevant experience for epilepsy fellowships.......
You must be ECFMG certified, and you are required to have training medical license (educational limited) to do them.

Smaller places in USA have hard time to fill their fellowship positions given the "trash quality" that smaller programs have. They would hire you for a Non-ACGME accredited fellowship positions , which is accredited by the GME office of that institution, but would not count towards ACGME training. So, you can't shift to PGY2 position after doing a one year of non-ACGME fellowship training. However, it is good opportunity to have experience, and get paid as a resident.

I am aware about certain Neurology fellowships that offer this kind of training, mainly (Epilepsy, Neurophysiology, Headache, Neuroimmunology and Autonomic disorders).
Go to the American Academy of Neurology website, search for those particular fellowships and email the program directors ....even if they announce that they are ACGME fellowships, they can always convert the seats to non-ACGME and hire you. This would be better for them that having the position remain unfilled.

Hope this is helpful
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  braveheart_2020 - 03/17/20 07:54
  Also would like to add that in term of medical licenses after those fellowships, you will not be eligible for unrestricted medical license (given that you have no ACGME training). But you will be eligible for "clinical academic medical license" to work as an attending at certain institutions if you have certain number of years of training "for which the non-ACGME fellowships would count" .only certain states offer this kind of licenses.
However, to be realistic, it is unlikely to be hired as attending afterward without residency back home.

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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  maanas - 05/13/20 01:02
  @ shamstabrez and @braveheart_2020
please suggest which one is a better option non-ACGME fellow ship or MPH/phd epidimiology?

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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  braveheart_2020 - 05/13/20 07:27
  MPH/PhD is better degree and more decent, because it gives you different carrier pathway, and at the same time would enhance your resume significantly for residency. If you have that opportunity, go for it for sure.

Non-ACGME fellowship counts as strong clinical experience, and would be helpful a lot when you apply for residency program at the same institution where you are doing your fellowships. Negatives of such programs are that they are not monitored by ACGME, instead they are being monitored by GME office of that institution only. so your work hours might exceed 90 hours per week, more potentials for abuse, and might not end up being considered for residency at the same place.

Advantages of doing this is that you can be qualified for unrestricted medical license at certain states , such as Illinois for example, which requires two years of post graduate training (non-ACGME or ACGME), while vast majority of states need ACGME training to be qualified. Getting a medical license without primary medical board (which pre-requires residency training) wouldn't be much helpful, and you may end up using that license to work as GP or certain academic places for humble salary (they would take advantage of your situation).
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* Re:Fellow ship without residency
  maanas - 05/13/20 17:51
wow, it seems that you have in depth extensive knowledge of the system, thanks for the suggestions.
it looks that non ACGME option is not the better one?
wish you success in whatever you want..
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