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* Img.Can I get into research?
  img121 - 04/24/20 01:26
  What I wanna ask is if the hospital helps us get visa if we agree to do research for them for free?
And if not how can an IMG land a research job? Since we need J1 visa for research and we get b1/b2 for observerhsip?
And also how do I get to know who is doing a research and in what topic?
Is there a site where I can check?
Sorry for these silly questions but I am new to this.
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* Re:Img.Can I get into research?
  oldgrad2020 - 04/26/20 11:19
  If you look up each hospital, search for labs or research on their websites. The names of the PIs will show up and then look up their publications or lab website. Thats the way to find out what people are studying.

My suggestion: Don't volunteer to do anything for free. They will take the free and you will most likely not get out of it what you want! Volunteer if you need experience but don't want to spend a whole day in the lab and you want to study for USMLE. If any lab volunteers to give you visa for free research, please let us know.

All the best. Research technician is the name of the position a lot of labs are looking for and if you are lucky you will be able to do some research, otherwise its lab management and picking up after others. Be specific in what you want. Very specific. If you say you are applying for a PhD after two years then they will take you more seriously.

All the best.
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* Re:Img.Can I get into research?
  pushing - 04/27/20 02:51
  Oldgrad2020 told you not to volunteer anything for free.

I disagree.

1. Oldgrad2020 advice is only only relevant if you are a US citizen. You are not a US citizen and therefore, its going to be incredibly difficult for you to get a paid position where they also sponsor your visa. I believe your designation would be "research scholar" and you and the research institution would need to apply for a J1 visa. You will find more information here:

To get this position you need to have a institution that really believes in you because they are impressed with your research background.

2. I do not know how impressive your research background is. In the event that your research background is average then chances are you would be only able to get a B1 visa. A B1 visa is where you do free research for a few months at the United States. This would essentially be a volunteer position because you would not be allowed to receive compensation from the institution. I am not entirely sure about the details in a B1 visa so please dont quote me on it.

3. If you are a Canadian, then you apply for a TN visa. These are much easier to get and is a paid position. Again you would require help from the institution to help you get on board but their involvement isnt that extensive. Mostly they write up a letter of why they need you and what sort of research you will be doing and the amount of compensation they will be providing you.
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* Re:Img.Can I get into research?
  braveheart_2020 - 04/27/20 09:06
  I am aware about places that would sponsor J visa for research position (unpaid job) though.
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, they have research position in epilepsy, where you will be learning how to read EEGs and do research. Residency is not guaranteed though but they will interview you if you apply to them (That hospital has decent neurology program, and it is tough to get at if you are not fresh grad with decent scores).
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* Re:Img.Can I get into research?
  img121 - 04/28/20 06:21
  @oldgrad2020, pushing and braveheart_2020

Thank you so much for your responses and help.
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* Re:Img.Can I get into research?
  img121 - 04/28/20 06:32

Sir, I am an old grad and from India who will require a visa.
So I looked at the link you sent but I have a few questions:-
1. if we apply for research scholar position that is going to be through ecfmg?
2. The research scholar positions showing on various sites( if we google it) are they genuine?If not should we find out by going through every hospitals website?
3.and about the B1 programs you mentioned in which we won't be allowed to receive compensation will we still get our names on that article as 2nd or 3rd author? Will those be helpful for residency application?
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* Re:Img.Can I get into research?
  pushing - 04/29/20 01:16

1.) You apply for the research scholar position through the hospital. If they accept you then they will contact ECFMG who will then work with you and the institution to create the proper paperwork to apply for the J1 visa.

2.) "The research scholar positions showing on various sites( if we google it) are they genuine?"

I do not know which website/organization you are referring to so I can not comment on their authenticity. Keep in mind these positions apply to more candidates than just medicine, it can be research position for anything area of science. So expect there to be wide variability in responsibilities and admission criteria.

3.) "we won't be allowed to receive compensation will we still get our names on that article as 2nd or 3rd author?"

It depends on who you research for. Some mentors will allow you to be 1st name others expect you to be last. Of course any research looks good on your application but keep in mind it takes a long time to publish. So you may want to get started on projects on your own while your pursue overseas projects.

Also, you dont need a b1 visa or any immigration to United States to do research on your own. You can do a case study or a review article while in India and still publish them in US journals.

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* Re:Img.Can I get into research?
  quilve - 12/22/20 13:44
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* Re:Img.Can I get into research?
  seanbancroft - 01/15/21 19:16
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* Re:Img.Can I get into research?
  yf1910 - 01/27/21 12:11
  I agree with oldgrad2020. I am an IMG. I got my paid research job position though I needed VISA.. I donít say it was easy but if you try, you can find it. I applied 60 jobs and got one (Got three offers), and changed the new position, which is also paid, visa sponsoring position after 2years.
If you work for free, it appears that you are desperate ( If it is true and if you want to get a good connection to a famous place, a good institute, it may be good to do that).
But showing your desperation is usually not really good.
I used, Science job, and so on to find a job. I also checked each labís website and if you think you fit that lab, you should contact them via email or phone. Often times they do not reply but I got one offer from one of them.
I have PhD degree so maybe difficult to get a position if you do not have PhD, I donít know about that.
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* Re:Img.Can I get into research?
  ucsd_hsi - 03/03/21 11:44
  check out UC San Diego Health Sciences International

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