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* Lets all protest?
  r0ja - 11/09/20 17:59
  Hey guys, I've been in a bad head space. Applying for residency for the 3rd time, spending over 3k on applications and receiving only 2 IVs/yearly on average is injustice. I am not sure what to expect with this post but this is what I am thinking.

People have been protesting for equal rights/equal opportunities. Hospitals have been financial incentivize to push forth AMG for interviews and acceptance over IMGs.

Why not take a stand and protest in front of multiple hospitals? Set a date and goto different hospital sites until they get us on the news and make changes. These claims of "not for profit" organizations are complete bs. To top it off this NRMP algorithm is straight garbage. They are using a program created by the man who developed schizophrenia-john nash.

Any Thoughts?
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* and..
  r0ja - 11/09/20 18:10
  Staten Island Northwell IM PD was just reprimanded recently because she was hiring only Lebanese IMG. Why the nepotism you ask...because she her self is from Lebanon.  
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* Re:Lets all protest?
  sgoal - 11/09/20 21:38
  I feel so desperate and stressed out. Let's go.  
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* Re:Lets all protest?
  dariasmo - 11/10/20 07:54
  To start we should acknowledge that we are INTERNATIONAL Medical Graduates, and most of ours are not American citizens neither green card holders.

In the American Program Eyes, we are GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY, a PRIVILEGE, to apply to American Residency programs.

Instead, American graduates HAVE THE RIGHT to Education, they by law must have priority and the system must cover first of all their needs. Indeed, taxes payer money is intended to assist them to coverage such need.

You find it unfair to poor a lot of money in their system to just submit to be as a second class of work force...I got you...

so, the official answer will be: Then do not expend your money in this country, stay in yours or apply other countries programs. Nobody will stop you.

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* Re:Lets all protest?
  r0ja - 11/10/20 15:41
  Dariasmo, your seem to be either ignorant or naive. I'm not sure where you land among the two but next time when writing on a public forum maybe double check your grammar and punctuation..

so the official answer would be: you are an absolute imbecile. If you truly believe that there is a law that should prioritize an American's education then please explain why are IMG's are attaining residency positions at all when There are a lot of left over Unmatched AMGs every year.

I think you are very naive about the entire process so I rather not go deeper into it. Maybe its your first year applying, you'll become wiser next year!
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* Re:Lets all protest?
  dariasmo - 11/10/20 19:56
  I barely care about any attempt from you to lecture me on grammar.

If the only thing you have to offer is an insult, go back to your miserable country and do not waste the money I put on the system because FYI: I PAY TAXES IN THE US AS A CITIZEN.

So, I can even call my representative and complain of how many foreigners like you are being interviewed compared to American citizens, so I have the privilege to start a process where the kind of immigrants like you can BE STOPPED. (Honestly I have figured out the state and federal budget from which the ACGME is funded).

And any American citizen can demand easily an explanation from those officials we elected.

So, beyond how much my words may hurt your fragile feelings, I strongly suggest you to see the reality I showed you.

It is hilarious dream about protesting that.

I am sure you are not na´ve between the options you considered for me, you are the other one, you are a plain international physician with a broken ego coming from a developing country, JUST THAT.

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* Re:Lets all protest?
  usmlestep01234 - 11/11/20 23:55
  Hiding behind our computer screens and insulting each other is just an awful behavior. Expressing your worries and concerns are legit and we are all in a very stressful and fragile time right now but to think its ok to degrade each other like this, is not ok.

r0ja, I agree with you; it's not fair that IMG's doesn't have equal rights, it goes against everything we believe in; physicians should practice and treat patients with respect and humanity AND so shall we be treated!

Dariasmo; granted we are paying thousands of dollars into a system for an opportunity by free will however, it does not grant you to be rude about it. This system has given many opportunities to foreign medical graduates who can express their success stories if they so shall will. You have no grounds or right to tell your colleague that they are a "second type or resource" there is NOTHING PLAIN ABOUT BEING AN INTERNATIONAL PHYSICIAN!! To think it's ok to deprive someone of their dreams is very sad....I feel sad that this is your mindset!

We all come to this forum for support and encouragement please make an effort to not insult each other moving forward in these discussions. We are all educated physicians so please let's act that way!

Stay safe in these times and keep the faith!
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* Re:Lets all protest?
  dariasmo - 11/12/20 15:08
  Dear usmlestep01234,

You are right. This place is not intended to insult neither to be insulted. Also nobody is in the right to break dreams o dismiss the expectations of others. Only encouragement should be welcomed.

However, the system is like it is: it happens in the middle of a favored group of applicants. We all should know that.

One is free to have dreams and hopes. Nevertheless, we learned as doctors, we usually, as a professional practice, to picture the worse scenarios to our patients in order to prevent them.

There is a gray/blurry line between being negative vs realistic. Sometimes the space between both is very tinny.

For the most part, IMGs may feel free to explore residency opportunities under a presumption of equality with AMGs. I do not think that hurt anything.

However there are specific instances where it is very important to realize the privilege that AMGs have over IMGs such as the SOAP process. In other words, if you ended up not being called for any iv or they were so few, do not waste money, heart and time on the SOAP, better save your money for a coming ERAS season instead. That is reality.

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* Re:Lets all protest?
  greenlite - 11/14/20 10:08
  @r0ja, you will very likely be standing all by yourself, if you proceed with such a protest.  
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* Re:Lets all protest?
  braveheart_2020 - 11/15/20 02:14
  I agree with the above comments. You don't have a case to protest for given that you are not US citizen or permanent resident. I myself did not match easily even though I am a US citizen, and did convey my feedback to the Senator's office who has ignored my email !!! Finally was able to match.
Anyway, best to work on your application, get more US experience, stick to one lower ranked hospital and do rotations/research at it, get to know the program's personnel and try to apply again
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* Re:Lets all protest?
  dr2021 - 12/07/20 08:10

Sorry your having hard time with match. Hang in there.

Disagree with protest thought.

Residency slots are funded and designed for AMGs. IMGs do get in, but its not designed for external candidates, nor is it guaranteed. Stats on how hard it is to get into these positions are released and not hidden. If you choose to apply for residency & pay the fee, that's your own decision.

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