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* Clinical Research Coordinator
  ravy__kiran - 01/27/21 12:18
  Hello everyone.....I've been accepted as Clinical Research Coordinator at a reputable hospital with lot of scope to learn about the insights of clinical research.I want to do it as It's only one study. But I don't know how tedious the tasks are and how hectic the job is with all the data handling and audits. I'm done with my step 1 and want to write step 2 around June. Can anyone tell me what the daily routine is as CRC and whether I could study for step 2 CK simultaneously. Thank you and lastly does it help during my match. Any help is greatly appreciated.  
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* Re:Clinical Research Coordinator
  diaikram - 02/06/21 13:20
  if it is a paid positon then your timmings will be mentioned. they willpayyouaftergetting work from you. if its a volunteer then you can study. better to get a study partner.
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* Re:Clinical Research Coordinator
  diaikram - 02/06/21 13:22
  plus, if can please share how you get accepted. i will realy apriciate. thank you.
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* Re:Clinical Research Coordinator
  rinalevards - 04/29/21 13:05
  I am engaged in dermatology, but in the future, I plan to study cosmetology. Therefore, I am also looking for a partner to research in this area. Write to me if this is also in your interest field.  
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