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* IMG-Old graduate and master of Physician assistant
  drmpas - 02/10/21 13:49

I am an IMG and an old graduate. I have completed all my USMLE steps and will be completing my master's in the Physician Assistant program in May'2021. I will start working as a PA from June'2021. I applied to some residency programs in IM and FM but didn't get any interviews.

My credentials:

Step 1: 87 (210), 2nd attempt
Step 2: 87 (214), 1st attempt
Completed CS and Step3 in my First attempt. I have completed all steps and ECFMG certified in 2011.

My YOG: 2004

Visa: No visa sponsorship required. I have H4 EAD, 1 year away from getting a green card.

U.S education:
1. 2nd bachelor's in Biology from University of North Texas, Dallas, Texas
2. Master of Physician Assistant program (MPAS)

I have applied a couple of times didn't match. I did a lot of shadowing with multiple doctors and some research experience but no papers or publications.
My interest was always on the clinical side that the reason I have completed a master's in Physician Assistant.

Interested to know, has anyone got matched with a PA background? or having a PA degree will help in the matching process?

Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions to improve my CV for the next application process.

Thank you.


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* Re:IMG-Old graduate and master of Physician assist
  sam2019 - 02/10/21 15:58
  I'M planning to move to Texas and Match to FM programs, by your information it seems that you have tried to get some connections but didn't Match, do you think it's worth to move to texas to establish connections?? I'm currently in west coast my credentials is similar to yours.
Please advise.
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* Re:IMG-Old graduate and master of Physician assist
  drmpas - 02/10/21 17:08
  I don't have great connections in Texas in regards to residency, I did shadowing but the doctors don't know PD's to apply for residency. So, I am not sure. Sorry.

Are you a physician assistant? Are working as a PA?
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* Re:IMG-Old graduate and master of Physician assist
  petro - 02/15/21 18:51
  I think a provider qualification may help in the match but that would depend largely on the individual.

I heard about an Old medical grad who could not match then decided to go into nursing and became a nurse practitioner in FM. She was working in her role but also making contact with PD and finally she got a spot in FM. I think the same would also apply to PA but it would depend on the connections you are able to make
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* Re:IMG-Old graduate and master of Physician assist
  icemd - 02/18/21 12:21
  1. are you sure your exams are still valid after so many years? pls contact ecfmg to make sure you are in good standing

2. also check the states you are applying to , make sure they will allow you get a license

3. have you tried talking with Residency Medical? They are expensive but as a last hope they can help you I'm sure
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* Re:IMG-Old graduate and master of Physician assist
  pgeet - 03/23/21 22:35
  I am 2009 graduate woth cleared usmle back in 2011 with all the steps and 1 attempt in step 1 scores not great, did pa program in 2016 . I have been working as a Pa in family medicine for the past 4 years , applied 2 years ago no luck , planning to apply this year , need visa ,  
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