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* Had 14 interviews but didn't match
  raana - 04/21/21 17:13
  I am an IMG and had 14 interviews which went well according to me. I was shocked on match day. I wasn't Ecfmg Certified. Do you guys think that was the reason for not matching or my interview skills?  
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* Re:Had 14 interviews but didn't match
  uy - 04/22/21 17:32
  Most likely interview skills but LOR may be an issue. I know a fresh graduate IMG without any red flag in application. Only option left was an LOR.  
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* Re:Had 14 interviews but didn't match
  ucsd_hsi - 05/05/21 12:16
  sorry to hear that. Perhaps attending a program that prepares you for the Match and residency training might help you! (search for the bridge to residency program)
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* Re:Had 14 interviews but didn't match
  bemo - 06/08/21 09:22
  There are many factors that could have played a role in tis situation. However, you were offered 14 interviews, which means your background and application materials show that you are a competitive candidate. If you didnít pass the interview stage, maybe this had something to do with your actual performance in the interviews. Admissions are very competitive, so it is not a secret that you must ace your interview to get a spot. There are many steps you can take in order to prepare for interviews, but the most important one is to have a strategy to answer any interview question type. You need to learn how to identify the type of question and structure your answer according to that. Additionally, you need to understand the intention behind the questions asked, which is for the committee to see how well suited you are for their program. Thatís why the way in which you answer questions matter; you need to be strategic and show them evidence of those essential qualities you possess that make you unique and those skills you have developed through different life experiences. Lastly, you need to practice for your interviews in a realistic way that mimics the actual interview. This will help you improve eye contact, time management, delivery, cohesion and conciseness, and those important elements that make for a great interview. I hope this helps. Donít give up. Just practice and get expert feedback if possible. Best of luck!  
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