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Reschedule April 17 to May 10-15 in LA - iimg2000 - ArchivalUser - 03-12-2020

If you have a test date in 10-15 May (LA) and are interested to take your test on April 17, 2020, Please let me know. Thanks

0 - ArchivalUser - 03-12-2020

Hi, my exam is in May 15 LA, I'm interested in changing the date.

0 - ArchivalUser - 03-13-2020

Hi, sounds great! How would you suggest we do this?

0 - ArchivalUser - 03-16-2020

Well, I think there is a risk that we might we lose our dates because almost everyone is probably running check4change..

0 - ArchivalUser - 03-18-2020


We think we can help you out! We already run a scheduling service for monitoring and booking dates for Step 2 CS. has been working on creating a process (to be followed by software) to transfer dates between accounts. We'll be upfront and let you know that this process has only been tested with dates that are not highly sought after and it worked very well. Typically we charge for our booking service but because we cant guarantee percentages at this time we will do it for FREE, no catch other than the risk of one or both of you losing your dates.

The method is much better than check4change option and doing it yourself. You are guaranteed to lose the dates that way if you do it!

If you would like to give it a try email us at schedulestep2exam or use the USMLE Forum messenger option on our website -