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restating the obvious -
Mahmood Ahmad

I just got my scores back a couple of days ago and got a 256/99. I'm pretty shocked since I thought it would have been a stretch to reach my goal of 240. At any rate I'm just here to share any info I may have since I derived so much of my studying ideas from here.

My book set was almost identical to Michael Shea's (another post on the list) except I used High Yield BehSci (same author but shorter) and Jawetz Micro. I also skimmed the images in Webpath. I would also suggest having access to a high speed internet connection to look for anything that comes up not found in the review books (although the test was really more about how much you know about common diseases).

As far as my schedule went, I simply followed the 4 week schedule with a few modifications: Spent 2.5 days on biochem and only 3 days on micro/immuno, blew through First Aid for a 2nd time at the end. When I say I followed the schedule, I mean by general subject area only. I generally spent about 10-13 hours a day studying.

At the beginning of each day I did 50 Qbanks and did another 50 at the end of the day. In the end I finished about 1400 questions. During the last week of studying, I was consistently getting right about 80%. Of course the real test is more like the USMLE CD.

I would also suggest watching the online video on Test taking.

I hope this post is helpful for some of you out there. For all of you taking the test between 2nd and 3rd year, I suggest just focusing on doing well in your classes, since the bulk of the info is from 2nd year anyways. I did the 4 week schedule from a cold start, so it is do-able. At any rate, good luck and have fun, it may be the last time you see much of this stuff ever again
Mahmood Ahmad

To forum administrator .The above post was taken from (a now defuct site).I am sorry for posting it without your permission.
Webmaster - [email protected]

Dear Mahmood Ahmad,

If the information is related to USMLE, you are always welcome to post any message.

Thanks for posting a good info.

Best Regards,

what is the 4 week schedule?how would it be to do questions at a stretch after a reading of all subjects?
Ali ARSALAN MEMON - ali_arsalan_memon

Congratulations on securing such an awsome score.Man,Iam in pakistan and iam kind of confused about working out my study time table.Right now Iam taking my final year exams and i will start preparing in feb2003,and i have six months of free time till my house job in september.So is that time period enough for step 1 prep.Kindly adress the study routine issue in a little more detail.Also give some more info on the books that u used.
thank you
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