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what if the first paragraph of the PS was copied - beesh81
what if the first paragraph of the PS was copied from some old internet ps samples but the other parts are genuine and individualized, will this harm u as well??
I dont think so.
What do u think guys?
Dr. Belibi , what do u think?
I dont know why is this issue kind of freaky????????!!!!!!
see if this helps you
Why would you do something like that in the first place is beyond me.

There are various softwares available that can check for plaigarism. So, I'm not sure -- you can either be in hot water or you might just be fine.
i second carpe. thats unfortunate, especially that it is right at the start. hope for the best.
well it is considered plagiarism as you may have found out from the link i pasted. if it's on the internet, it can be traced. just pray programs don't decide to pick ur PS for scrutiny.
And who the hell have time to do that??????????????its only one simple paragraph!!!!
maybe once they have sent an iv invite they do some background check on the applicant
@ beesh81

People dont have time to do this -- and its precisely for this reason, they have developed softwares that can do this job for them.
There are loads of softwares available -- and it takes just a few seconds to load your PS on them. People are very serious when it comes to plagiarism here.

Just hope that your thoughtless act isnt caught.
right carpe.
plagiarism is taken very very seriously
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