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Observership and research Program - drswathi
HI guys, I am serioiusly looking for the observership and research program. I live in virginia and I am ok for the relocation to any where if I get really good opportunity. If anybody has any idea of any open positions please do let me know. I dont have any contacts in US so not able to get any good opportunities. So please any kind heart help me in this. If u can also help me in how to look for these positions also in online I ll be able to search if I know the proper way to search. Thanks a lot in advance guys.
#2 checkout this site... it may help u
Thank U sooo much drdron4587. Please let me know if u have more info.
Can anybody help me more in this???
drswathi : Are you looking for volunteer or paid position ? Mayo Clinic and Harvard usually have many spots for volunteer research.. If you perform good and impress them may even pay you after few months.. Try going to their website and search in the research department.. look for your area of interest and contact the PI.. send them a very impressive email.. Hope it helps !!

Good luck with finding a spot. I hard, but be persistent. I am sure you will get there !!
drswathi trymount sinai( n university of florida -miller school of medicine websites n serch there for observerships. both r paid costing around 750-1000$ a month but still
both have a very organised observership programmes. i have applied for both. not yet recieved any confirmation but still worth a try . no application fee for first one n second one charges 75 $
then miller school of medicine only seems to be giving it in pathology and paeds,right?
Hi Swathi, here's my advice Smile Hope it's helpful....

1) How to get an observership?

Email DOCTORS at the places where you want to do the observership. They are usually more helpful than program coordinators. If they are happy to have you, they'll usually tell you to contact the PC. Now that you already have the blessings/support of an attending, the admin people/coordinators will inevitably say yes and take care of the rest.

You don't necessarily have to email places that have formal observership programs or mention observership on their website. Email doctors from any hospital(s) that you like.

2) How to get research positions?

Crazily enough, my answer is almost identical to the last question. You should email faculty members within your area of interest at research institutions. Express your interest and give a brief background about yourself. Mention that you are willing to work on an unpaid/volunteer basis. If you email enough places/people, at least one of them will say yes. It's just a numbers game!

Best of luck buddy...
hi drswathi. can u give me ur contact id as wanna 2 get some details regarding observership.

i have job opening for u and can get u in right away .Research in psychiatry and pays decent after u have done the training and u get paid $1600 during the training as well. call me on 909-800-0712 for a phone interview and send me your cv on [email protected]
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