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pharm ads drug ads questions - joliafin
what is the best class for drug ads and research appraisal review? is there a book any suggestions?
I urgently need this. thanks
Kaplan and UW are important Most of the time you need vigilance, promptitude and speedy data analysis to answer these questions. you can try 1 hour live lecture of drug ads at mapping site they are very good
how can I take the 1 hour live lecture?
Good USMLE Forum
thank you.
did you take the lecture joli? I am struggling with biostats, I took the test 4 months ago and failed, I feel like I am clueless with drug ass questions I wonder if this lecture is good for me. thank you
it was very good. Take it, believe me it made a great difference for me. I took the drug ads lecture and planning to take another one for biostats
thank you my friend
biostats drug ads questions are only in day 1, Right? there are none in day 2.
i personally liked archer for the biostats queastions caz they asked the same questions in multiple different ways so it really allows you to view them from different angles. just be wary of grammatical and spelling errrors lol
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