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covid 19 - oldgrad2020
Strange thought came to my mind:

How would all of you have handled a COVID19 scare if you were in a hospital with positive cases?

How would you have handled it if you had little kids or elderly people living with you?

Just wondering.

I would still have preferred to be in residency, I think!

before leaving hospital .... change your clothes and wash your hands. Before you touch your family members ---get home and take a good shower and n change to new clothes again. I would definitely take all precautions so that I don't spread it to others.
At first, it was pretty scary to be in a hospital where there was a large number of infected people. I was only suspicious of covid19, and in the end, it turned out that it was just a cold with a fever. When I was discharged from the hospital, I really did not want to get infected with an actual virus. Before returning home, I still did a quick test to make sure that I didn't accidentally catch covid19. I have small children with weak immune systems living at home, and therefore I was very worried about their health, also for the health of my wife.
Take care of your health and hygiene
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