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John Hopkins design sprint to battle COVID-19 - tsadore
Hello, my name is Tsion Sadore. I am an IMG and a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame. My team and I are doing a design sprint with Jhon Hopkins University to come up with better ways to reduce the health care burden caused by COVID-19 in the US. We are hoping to introduce an online platform that connects patients with IMGs who are going through the ECFMG certification process to provide care using telemedicine. Please fill out the survey here, your thoughts are very valuable.

Thank you so much!

have you gotten many responses?
god bless them lets all stay safe
I failed step 1 with low performance on my score reports in almost every category, they told me I was ready and their sessions were unproductive and disorganized. Extremely rude and unprofessional staff, I definitely would not recommend. When I told them I failed my exam they hung up the phone on me. The fake score reports they have on their website are not real and they should get in trouble for posting the USMLE score report. The sessions offered by NYCSprep is essentially from other sources, I felt like i knew more than the teacher. They had nurses teaching medical students and they were not qualified to do so.

On my CS exam i failed ICE and CIS,got low performance on both i spent so much on the nycprep expense, plus hotel, they were very rude to me and they dont know what they are doing they kicked me out of the facility the day before my real exam.

the course is very ill organized, not good enough, the sps dont give you enough feedback they charged me so much money yet I did not get a chance to
interact with sps and do cases, i ended up failing my exam thanks to these
scam artists frauds
please avoid these people, they will steal your money and never give you good product
here is there fraud address

2116 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd,
3rd Floor, NY, 10027

never trust these people they will take your money and never offer you what they say, avoid mr Somas mr Karan Mr Kuri Mr Nicasio Mr Macs Mr Randal they are all unprofessional uneducated frauds and will lead you to failure
They should have told me the truth instead they lied and said i was ready.
i lost so much money now, i have to reapply
what are my chances for matching I really hope they will overlook these failures.
thats interesting
This is an interesting experience of interaction between scientific universities and modern marketing research. I think this current test will help young people come up with an alternative management system for the healthcare and education segment. I recently found a cool resource that provides a test score for your assignments and goals. This will be useful for students who are delving into science.
This is a good digitalization project. It seems to me that this program should be localized in all European countries. It reminded me of this work of online passports or the donor registry. I support the use of centralized educational programs medical registers, military records, and technical records of World Organizations. People should be safe and people should have information.
This is great that young people care about current issues and develop useful educational resources. A friend of mine has set up in order to assist students with their essays and ease up the tough schedules and education process in general.
I am a student at Harvard University in Cambridge. Our team recently started a design sprint with Johns Hopkins University to develop better ways to reduce the disease caused by COVID-19. We found a good option like niclosam, ordered 100 pieces for initial testing, and let me tell you, the results of the retests our team and company have been delightful. And all because it includes anionic chromatography, heavy metals, which means you don't have to worry about the quality of Niclosam. In addition, free delivery is available.
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