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Kaplan classes or uworld with self preparation - deepakvelugoti
Can anyone suggest me which one is better choice?
I had studied old Kaplan books of 2017 year till yesterday and thinking of going to Kaplan classes or is it enough to take uworld to prepare.
And is it good to prefer Kaplan qbook or uworld?

Please give me suggestion,
Thank you.
Sorry...I didn't mention which step I'm preparing for.
I am preparing for step 1
Hi, i would recommend uworld and first aid and pathoma
FIRST AID, U-WORLD, PATHOMA at Leisure time you can also watch sketchy videos. If you want sketchy videos all 3 MICRO, PHARM, PATHO at low cost I can help Smile you can download or study online your choice
In the first Step, it also helped me a lot to read various essays about paramedics, there is a lot that is not in the textbooks. Tutorials become outdated all the time, here look for something for yourself there is a wonderful database of free materials. This is the option when your head is already boiling from preparation, but you need to work further. Everything is very easy to read and understand there, as people who write about it write.

these complicated marketed usmle teaching programs…
ie the only fully (escrow contracted) warrantied one is the online “super-simplified” one (21st year):
Thank you USMLE Forum!
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