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Residency Match Tips - ** Be Realistic** - dr2021
Please **Be Realistic**

Why I say this is because match costs $$$ thousands, lots of time and it's emotionally difficulty on you and your families.

Everyone has a "friend" with really low scores + attempts, needed a visa and matched into Harvard Plastic Surgery...........Well I know thousands that didn't.


1. Look at your score and be selective in where you apply. Low score apply only in community programs & non competitive fields. Numbers are on NRMP, you don't need my opinion on whats not competitive.

2. If you need Visa make sure you only apply to programs that sponsor

3. No USCE --> Get some BEFORE you apply. It matters plain and simple. Why do you think tons of Caribbean grads match?..Bc they rotate in US hospitals, Get US LORS and make connections

4. If you have low score or multiple attempts, your chances of getting in are low. I got news for you, tons of IMGS have 220+ 1st attempt on all steps and still don't match. So what makes you think you will match with lots of attempts.

5. GET GREENCARD if you can. Lots of programs don't sponsor visas. There are lots of IMG gunners from India, Europe, Middle East etc with 240+ who need J1, H1B. If you have 210 on your steps but a greencard, guess what you don't have to compete with a lot of these candidate at programs that require greencard.

6. Don't listen to negativity or extreme positivity posts. Be a realist! There is lots on nonsense on this site and others about 10 yr out IMG with low scores matching and that maybe true, but for every one of those that match thousands do not. On the flip side coin many make it sound impossible to match which is also not true. Its difficulty but doable.

Bonne Chance My friends!
I just started my prep for step 1. Graduated in 2013 am an img and did home country residency in internal medicine. I don’t have green card. Will need H1 or J1. I want to match into internal medicine. Will take step in feb 2021. What are my chances of matching into Internal medicine??
Response highly appreciated.
Thanks for your information, it was really very helpfull.

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