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Pediatric Neurology PGY3 position - mleforever
Hello !
I am a 2nd year Pediatrics resident and applied for peds neurology. Is there anyone travelling in the same boat or had previously matched into PGY3 position? Need some guidance on this path, I appreciate your help.
I am in a categorial child neuro program.
Not sure if the application for PGY3 position will be done through ERAS. The advanced child neurology residency program for PGY3 positions on ERAS are for seats for 2023-2024 "assuming that you are brand new applicant" that is looking for 2 years preliminary pediatric position.

I am assuming that you would need to email programs separately and ask them if there is vacancy. Otherwise, try to extend your training for one more year to get eligible for pediatric board.
Thank you for responding.
I did try to reach out to the programs but no luck so far. I am willing to complete my peds residency and do another 3years in child neuro starting in 2022. I am unsure which programs offer a reserve spot and do not have enough idea as to when I need to apply.
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