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Step 1 prep courses - archana214
Hi everyone
Can anyone suggest a good course (on line or in class) to prepare for step 1 for old IMG who graduated in 2000

Thanks a lot
Hi. I’m also an old graduate. Preparing for my step 1. I’m from India. Currently I’m in USA. I can able to guide you if you want. Also searching for a good study partner here. U can contact me: usmle2015.
hi there,
I will keep it short.
I will write down best resources out there classified into 2 categories. The resources that you must use regardless of your current knowledge, and the resources that could help you establish a good understanding of the required informations:
1) must do: First aid and UWORLD bank questions.
2) to establish a good understanding: Boards and beyond, pathoma, USMLE-Rx.
USMLE-Rx is amazing. I personally love it. it explains everything you need to know and is based on the Firstaid book, which is known to be the STEP1 bible.
Boards and beyond is outstanding. it gives you a very good understanding of the information needed. it is not based on the first aid book. however, its one of the best, if not the best resource to use to help you establish a good base.
Pathoma is amazing as well. I personally feel that pathoma is a must to use while preparing for general pathology and immunology. however, for other subjects stick to one resource other than firstaid book or Uworld.
whether you use boards and beyond or pathoma or USMLE-Rx, eventually you will end up with the same results. they all provide the same informations.
my advice: use Uworld and firstaid as soon as you start. choose one of the other resources as a complementary resource for better understanding.
Thanks for the information

twentieth year
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Thank you USMLE Forum!
Goldusmle is a very good course for step 1 i highly recommend it with UW. AND GOLJAN
goldusmle is very good
Stalinist 245, Did you take Goldusmle class? I’m interested if you are share your experience about the course.
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