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Opportunity to publish Psychiatry research ! - suboxone
I am a Psychiatrist with a background in research. I have had mentored tens of IMGs/AMGs before and during their residency. We have had published more than 6-70 papers in the last 4-5 years, most of the folks who worked on those papers were residency applicants ( well, the majority of them are now residents even some are fellows). We do have a couple of ongoing research projects and I am open to accepting a few volunteers, especially those who have some basic understanding of research work ( at least, searching the PubMed, putting data in xl sheet/table, assisting in write up of a manuscript, etc). If someone has experience of paper submission to the journal, that would be a plus.

Disclosure: This is absolutely volunteer work, you are not going to get paid. It is an effort to gather residency applicants in one platform, especially those who are interested to publish with some sort of supervision by our team.
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