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Step 1/2CK tutor 4 MD, (254/259, 1/2CK) - jpeg08
Hi everybody! Its that time of year again, a lot of ya'll about to CONQUER THE STEP BEAST.

I am here to help you! Offering private tutoring services:

My background: 4th year US MD, tutor x 10 years (started in 8th grade) - started tutoring Step 1, 2CK, and NBME Shelf exams roughly a year ago and worked with US MD, IMG, DO students. I taught a NBME/USMLE board review at my school for the MS-3's.

My score history: Step 1 254, Step 2 259, Shelf exams: >90 percentile% OBYGYN, Psychiatry, Neurology, Pediatrics, Family Medicine. 90percentile% Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine

Tutoring philosophy: we meet on video platform, you will share screen with me, and we will go through uworld questions together as well as content review. There is a lot of test taking strategies and test day psychology that really trips people up, and that is where I can provide a personalized assessment to help identify blind spots. As questions come up, content review is covered as well. Its really how you make the session, but typically I find that doing questions together combined with content gives people a lot of "insight" aka understanding to their own blind spots and where they can improve the most!

Email me: jessicaalemap. My rate is 100$ per hour. Look forward to hearing from you! Good luck to all for test taking Big Grin
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