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Passed step 1 got 252 - nasabmd
Finally done with step 1, scored 252 despite getting COVID once, I would like to thank my study partners I found on this forum. I took about 12 weeks to prepare for my step 1 despite having noise in my house from my 2 children I was able to get my studies done. I had studied on my own independently and found that I was not getting enough done on my own. I decided to take the Goldusmle review 8 weeks online course and it was very helpful and they pinpointed and told me what I needed to know and what was important for the exam. They spend alot of hours with their students and also go over the most high yield material. Everything in the test center was easy for me thanks to them and I really thank them for helping me pass. They also give handouts and tables that are very useful to memorize the night before the exam. The review was very thorough and complete and helped me score high. I strongly recommend Goldusmle for the step 1 exam.
congratulations on passing thank you for being my study partner, you deserved to pass god bless you and thank you for making time for me
kindly reach me at usmlestepjan . my exam is in a month . any guidance from u could improve my score.
congratulations nasab
nasab could you email me please
i would love to take you up on your free help

Congratulations Nasab! This is Farzana. Could you please email me at farzanac?
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