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I am falsely accused of irregular behavior by USMLE
Two weeks ago USMLE falsely accused me of irregular behavior. I had a good career and an unblemished record as a PGY 3 medicine resident. I had spent decades working my way up to close to finishing residency training and plan to join private primary care physician prtactice but all my dreams and hopes shattered into million pieces.  
Someone completely manipulated telegram messages and made me look like i am “threatening people” giving away exam questions and asking to transfer money into my account. I seriously cant believe people can go that low and destroyed someone career like that. There is no proof of someone transferred funds into my account and no proof of a single question I shared with anyone because I never ever did anything like that. i was almost graduated from medicine residency program and program didn’t allow me to graduate because of pending step 3 score this false accusations destroyed my medical career, my dreams of becoming a doctor, crushed mine and my family dreams and left with so much emotional painful moments every single seconds.  Feels like life chapter shutted down and life doesn’t matter anymore. Now I have no work, more than $350k student loan, more than $20K credit cards debit, and behind on rent for which landlord filed an eviction as my parents are disabled and I was the only one who was working. Never thought that life will backstabbed me like this and everything will gone and end with 101% of false accusations. When I found out about complaint and went back to look at the real conversation sender deleted the messages from both ends.
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